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Zane, mother of Jasmina & Andris

I chose bed linen products from the Sunny Flowers collection for my daughter and the same products (blanket cover, pillowcase and cotton sheet) from the Bright Morning collection for my son. I think the quality of the product matched the description, but I have to admit that the main reason I chose the product was the beautiful design and possibility to personalize the bedding. Luckily, my daughter also loved the yellow flowers and her name embroidered on it, but my son especially loved the grasshoppers on his blanket cover. :)
And on top of everything, the creator of this beautiful bedding, Karina, is wonderful. She gives a great service and helps with everything. I fully recommend this product (and her service) to all mothers and their babies. It's a great value for money. 5 stars. :)





Jelena, the owner of Jelena Kupate business wear, son George


There was something about awe, mildness and a love from the first moment I met MeadowMe. I thought it was something I wanted to give to my newborn son. Nursing pillow from Bright Morning collection was a gift with initials – unique,  just like my baby. Thank you MeadowMe for making our first nursing special!





Indra , mother of Madara, Davids and expecting a baby.


I come from a family that treasures memories from the previous generations. For example, my children were sleeping in the same baby cradle where their father (my husband) and father’s father did.  I wanted to continue this and add something from myself as well. So, I started to think, what could be the thing that my children, grandchildren and maybe even grand grandchildren could use... Accidentally I saw an advertisement of bed linen on Facebook and decided to check the website. I was lucky because I found what I was looking for. There was even special set of organic, unique and accurate bed linen that could be used for my children and saved for the next generations of my family after.  Great combination with the family cradle :)

I bought gift set from Sunny flowers collection and I am satisfied with the quality. What is the most – it’s made of natural material and created in my motherland Latvia. As a caring mother I am looking for the best for my kids. I can recommend anything from this collection to other moms without any doubts. Thank you MeadowMe!

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Jenni, mother of 3 boys 


Baby bedding gift set from Bright Morning collection is so soft and good quality! I have washed them many times and they are still in good shape.

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